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Best Practice Business Intranet

Your motiv Best Practice Business Intranet operates in the Cloud.  No expensive hardware or memory upgrades required.  Providing everyone has access to a browser, all your systems are available online, anywhere, anytime.   

All your content is centralised and easily updated.  

Back-ups are taken care of with a high level of security ensuring the safety and protection of your data online.  

Implementation Services

Our range of Implementation services are designed to deliver quick results minimising the impact we have on your team. Flexible, workable time frames ensure we achieve the results we need, whilst enabling the team to continue on running your business as they need too.

Phone, Online or Onsite - we're always here to help.  

Implementation Services are provided in three formats;

  1. Fixed Fee
  2. Pay as you Go
  3. Block

All proposals come with an optional 12 Month Payment Plan to make things easier to manage.

Business Improvement Program

Our Business Improvement Program is a structured Program covering key area's of business which we know can influence your team the most.  This Program can be tailored to suit your business and we work on the area's which are important to you.

Time frames and cashflow can be factored into the program with an early yardage strategy always in play.  Quick fast results is the name of the game....

Content Maintenance Plan

Creating your Systems is the easy part.  Maintaining your Systems so they remain current as your Business evolves takes a little more effort, time and resource.  Our Content Maintenance Plan ensures your information stays current, relevant and evolves as your business does.  We provide 3 Maintenance Visits per year (4 Hours per Visit).  Within this time frame we can review and update Position Descriptions, Activities List, Systems and Wiki Bases when required.  Having confidence in your data is an important key to keeping people engaged.

Online or Onsite - we're here to help. 

  1. 3 x Maintenance Visits Per Year
  2. Incudes FREE Phone Support
  3. Includes FREE Online Support

CSP Systems Process

Our CSP (Capture, Secure and Protect) Systems Process is designed around capturing, securing and protecting your company's How To's.  

We can create new systems or we can simply review, refine and publish your existing ones. Using our proven CSP Systems Process accompanied with our range of implementation and support services we can identify, refine and publish your value information online creating a smarter working environment which is always available and accessible to those who need it most.

All your Information can be easily maintained, and your systems can grow as your business does. 

Knowing your IP remains within the business and not in the heads of those working in it provides piece of mind for those leading the charge. 

Platinum Performance Club - Membership Only

Once you have completed your initial journey with us and your business is fully systemised we have put together the Platinum Performance Club for those businesses wishing to continue on working with us to help them grow there business.  As a member we provide you with a range of complimentary services ranging from FREE Phone Support, FREE Online Support, FREE Coaching and Mentoring Services for the duration of your membership.  We also include our Content Maintenance Program which will ensure your content remains up to date and evolves with the business.

Note; No Contracts and you can cancel anytime.

Business Development Services

Business Development Services (Coaching Advice & Assistance) are available upon request.  We can advise and assist you through the key fundamentals required to build a successful, sustainable business where everyone knows where the business is heading and exactly how they can best contribute to the vision and goals of the company.  One on One Coaching is recommended inconjunction with our motiv Business Improvement Program which can be tailored to suit you and your business.

Development Services are provided in three formats;

  1. Fixed Fee
  2. Pay as you Go
  3. Block

Easy does it....

Business Coaching Services

As a registered Icehouse Business Coach we can provide you access to a wide range of Business Development Courses, Workshops and Seminars designed around helping owners & entrepreneurs grow themselves and their businesses.   We can work with you at a course and/or coaching level.

Icehouse Coaching Profile

Microsoft Hosting

Similar platform to Xero and other well-known cloud based solutions - Hosting is the way forward.

Monthly or Annual Subscription Available

Price dependent on final motiv Solution delivered.


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